Although simple, you will agree with this.

Look things in a fresh perspective and suddenly there is whole new change.
Have experienced many times, right? Light, we think, warrants a fresh perspective.

Yes, light took its time in evolving from lanterns to incandescent bulbs to CFL.
But you will be baffled to know that the most evolved and advanced form of light i.e. LED
still remains unexplored! That’s because most of us are unaware, are skeptical, are doubtful,
are hesitant, think its high cost, high maintenance and a lot more. We wanted to be the
guiding light. And Novahertz was thus born.

Novahertz is all about helping you see light in a different light. Novahertz is about
harnessing the power of LED. With its wide spectrum of smart lighting solutions, Novahertz
intends to pave way for a more smartly-lit world.

Novahertz is the LED Luminaries brand of Novacom group. Novacom is a specialist
Broadband Product+Solution provider with a rich legacy that dates back to 1997.
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